Well-trained AI tool detects RAAC deterioration

Picture credit: MChe Lee on Unsplash Classrooms remained empty back in September, when the government

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High-rise timber in Los Angeles?

Picture credit: Venti Views on Unsplash.  Picture caption: Will the LA skyline ever include high-rise

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Dublin’s Metrolink looks set to begin construction in 2025

Picture credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer on Unsplash An underground metro can help transform a city for

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UK’s first 3D-printed development in Accrington

Picture caption: A smaller-scale 3D printer – Picture credit: Maria Teneva on Unsplash Two years after

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A footbridge protecting snails… and rowers…

Picture credit: Harry Grout on Unsplash Caption: Rowers on another stretch of the Thames Creating

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Eco homes vs eco upgrades

Picture credit: Zaptec on Unsplash If you’re ready to lead a greener day-to-day life and

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