Two structurally impressive London bridges you might want to visit when social distancing is behind us

Today, let’s look at the intersection between art and engineering. I like to think we’re

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How did an iconic building help shape the building codes of New York?

While in both London and New York (and beyond) we are suffering the effects of

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How do you tackle safe, sustainable construction – when you’re building on top of a railway tunnel?

Opposing views on Olympics-driven regeneration abound, but no-one can deny that the London 2012 Olympics

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How can AI help prevent another Whaley Bridge incident?

What if you could monitor major infrastructure – including dams and bridges – using machine

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The City of London’s tallest tower gets the go ahead

If you spend any time at all in central London, Canary Wharf or East London,

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How can better design help us build more safely in flood zones?

We have seen a number of floods in recent years, with the media describing them

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