How Southampton is aiming to absorb pollution and boost people’s mood with an ultra-green urban roundabout

Living walls are appearing all over the place, especially in cities. They can be a

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How do you build a bridge between two cliffs, in two weeks flat, in challenging conditions?

How do you construct a footbridge over a 58-metre drop, when it’s exposed to some

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How do we close the gender gap in engineering?

It is obvious to anyone who works in engineering or construction, that there is a

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How can you use a potentially polluting algae to build a solid home?

Sargassum is blooming. There’s a large amount of this brown seaweed growing between the coast

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Are drones quietly transforming the construction sector?

Drones are becoming a more widely used tool in the construction industry. To those of

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Is it time for London to ban glass skyscrapers?

You may have seen it reported, earlier this year, that New York mayor Bill de

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