Structural Engineering

The Leaning Tower of Dallas – a “tourist attraction” building that refused to collapse

Photo by Yeo Khee on Unsplash For two short weeks earlier this year, the Leaning Tower of Pisa

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How can we give our businesses the best chance of success, as we navigate the easing of lockdown?

As we move into a more free period, after months of lockdown – with non-essential

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Two structurally impressive London bridges you might want to visit when social distancing is behind us

Today, let’s look at the intersection between art and engineering. I like to think we’re

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The benefits and challenges of BIM – and why we might not see widespread commercial adoption any time soon

Everyone working in the construction sector today has heard of BIM – Building Information Modelling.

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How did an iconic building help shape the building codes of New York?

While in both London and New York (and beyond) we are suffering the effects of

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Seas are rising and we should plan for a 3 metre increase, says The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Climate change is definite. All the science tells us it is happening, whether we like

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