Structural Engineering

How to earthquake-proof a 100-year-old bridge

Picture credit: Frank Schulenburg Back in 1922, nobody was building Californian bridges to withstand earthquakes.

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The “race” between two tunnel boring machines

Picture credit: David Carballar on Unsplash. Picture caption: The cutterhead of a Herrenknecht tunnel boring

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BT Tower to be transformed into hotel by Heatherwick Studio

Picture credit: Seb Doe on Unsplash In yet another iconic project, Heatherwick Studio will work

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Why the construction sector needs to embrace new technology

Picture credit: Tumisu on Pixabay With every round of news it seems there is a

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The “will they, won’t they?” bridge across the Thames

Picture caption: The London Millennium Footbridge. Picture credit: Alberto Zanetti on Unsplash. If you want

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Tall buildings policy to protect Liverpool’s historic views

Picture credit: Marcus Cramer on Unsplash After being brutally stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage

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