Structural Engineering

Super Structures Associates (SSA) achievements at the Richmond Business Awards 2020

It’s been such a long time that we’ve all been apart so it was very

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How do you squeeze more homes into a fast-growing, over-populated city?

Picture credit: John McMahon on Unsplash What do you do when a city lacks affordable

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Finding the cracks with new drone technology

Picture credit: Ian Baldwin on Unsplash Day-to-day when I’m working on site, there are sometimes

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Birmingham works towards net-zero goals with a Passivhaus skyscraper

The first ever mixed-use, net-zero, tall-building development in the world will go up in Birmingham,

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Can you really offer flexible working in the construction industry?

Photo by Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash Flexible working is shown to increase wellbeing, as well

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One innovative way to reduce a residential project’s carbon footprint without increasing costs

Picture credit: Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash Soil quality can be a problem in construction – but there’s

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