How a new “vault structure” could reduce a building’s embodied carbon by 75%

Photo credit: Mario La Pergola on Unsplash When you’re designing a new office building, the

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7% of CO2 comes from producing *****?

Picture credit: Bernard Hermant on Unsplash Wood vs steel: How can you combine the two

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Things to Consider when Planning a Basement

If you need more space, adding a below ground level can be a useful route

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What does a northern Swedish city have to teach us about eco-friendly, wooden skyscrapers?

Keeping up to date with climate crisis news can get a little depressing at times,

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How 3D scanning techniques are helping to restore the Gothic masterpiece of Notre Dame

Photo credit: Photo by Sebastien on Unsplash When flames ripped through Notre Dame cathedral in

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How do you squeeze more homes into a fast-growing, over-populated city?

Picture credit: John McMahon on Unsplash What do you do when a city lacks affordable

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