How did the stones of Stonehenge get from the Preseli Hills to Salisbury Plain? This Welsh carpet fitter thinks he knows…

Picture Credit: Photo by Cajeo Zhang on Unsplash How did the stones of Stonehenge reach

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How do we attract more young people into structural engineering?

When you ask a small child what they want to be when they grow up,

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Is the construction industry ready for autonomous vehicles?

Picture credit: Shane McLendon on Unsplash Autonomous vehicles are the future. But they are also

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Film studios in Dagenham are a step closer to reality

Photo Credit: BeFirst Hollywood is coming to East London. With building work expected to start

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How do you tackle safe, sustainable construction – when you’re building on top of a railway tunnel?

Opposing views on Olympics-driven regeneration abound, but no-one can deny that the London 2012 Olympics

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How can AI help prevent another Whaley Bridge incident?

What if you could monitor major infrastructure – including dams and bridges – using machine

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